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Solar panels undeniably serve as the most crucial investment for any premises. however, the solar panel’s installation on the roof of any property also acts as a safe place for pigeons to make their nest. Owing to this, the bird droppings hamper the efficiency of the solar energy system. At the same time, the birds carry disease and become host to several other pests. under the condition when the birds are allowed to rear young ones on the solar panels, more and more birds will be coming back to the same place in the following breeding season as well. Due to this particular reason, in today’s time, Solar Panels Mesh Installation Melbourne service has become the smart and viable solution to protect your roof solar panels from birds and pests.

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solar Panels Mesh Installation Melbourne

Benefits Of Our Solar Panels Mesh Installation

Our company offers the most effective and best solar panels mesh installation Melbourne service. This prevents birds and pests from damaging the solar panels installed on your premises.

At the same time, our company provides the guarantee that it will completely rid your solar energy system of the birds or else you will get your complete money back. With extensive experience in solar panel bird control and solar panels mesh installation, our experts have already worked with homeowners, commercial businesses as well as government departments, whether small or large.

Our solar panels mesh installation Melbourne service is competitively priced. Our unique service closes any kind of access to the gap between your roof and the underside of the solar panel wherever the bird nesting occurs. This ultimately means that there will be no birds under the roof solar panels of your property.

Through the implementation of the most effective solar bird control method, you will be able to prevent the birds from harming your solar energy system and it will be kept in pristine condition.

Solar Panel Mesh Installation Services

Residential Solar Panel Mesh Installation

Our team of trained technicians is 100% committed to delivering extraordinary solar panel mesh installation to homes all over Melbourne. Our experts are here to completely empower residential property owners to embrace renewable energy helping you to achieve your long-term energy goals.

Commercial Solar Panel Mesh Installation

Simply be ready to harness clean, green energy, while reducing the carbon footprint with the help of commercial solar panel mesh installation. Our team of installers will be extending the most exceptional level of guidance and ongoing support to businesses, whether big or small throughout the pigeon-proofing mesh installation process.

What Makes Us Different From Competitors?

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Protect Your Roof Solar Energy System From Birds With Our Solar Panel Mesh Installation Melbourne Service

Our company is proud to offer the most superior quality solar panels mesh installation Melbourne service. Having already installed thousands of premium quality pigeon mesh for many years, our installers have all tried and tested all the products that are available in the market, leading to massive savings on your solar panels in terms of both maintenance and repairs.

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Why Choose Our Solar Panels Mesh Installation Melbourne Service?

With several years of experience working throughout Melbourne, our installers know very well what it takes to protect the solar panels and keep your premises efficiently powered. so simply don’t waste your precious time trying to clear up the birds! Make the cost-effective choice!

Extensive Experience: Our bird-proofing team members are industry-qualified, and with many years of experience in birdproofing & solar panel mesh installation.

Competitive Rates: Although our company is providing the most superior -workmanship, we have kept our prices competitive and highly affordable!

No Obligation Price Quotes: All the pricing that we charge is upfront and thus, you will not be getting any surprises with our hidden charges and can also avail of no-obligation quotes.

Flexible, Same-Day Service: Our team is here to deliver a rapid response. We also provide same-day service and flexible scheduling for the convenience of customers throughout Melbourne.

Your solar energy system will become much more efficient while at the same time being less likely to contract damages that are caused due to the birds drooping on them. We also clean the solar panels in your premises to remove all the pigeon droppings while at the same time offering excellent solar panel mesh installation in Melbourne.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are several factors that will impact the time for installation of solar panel mesh. This includes the roof access, positioning of the nest under the solar panels, number of solar panels, installation layout, accumulation of debris, whether the chicks have been hatched or not, and several others. On average, overall it may be taking a minimum duration of 2-3 hours for installation to complete. However, it may take as long as up to 8 hours.

No, you need not to! With your permission, our installers will be gaining access to your roof from the front side of your property. The job undertaken by our experts will include the before, during, and after images. This will provide you with the assurance that the installation and cleaning job has been completed as per the quote.

You can get the best value for your money by hiring our reputable solar panel mesh installation Melbourne company. We have the expertise to get the job right. You will also be provided with the before and after images so that you can check that the job has been accomplished in the best possible manner.

Since we have been installing the bird-proofing mesh all around Melbourne, we have not observed any issues with the structures in over 8 years. Our company provides the best bird-proofing mesh in the Melbourne region.

After our technicians carry out the Solar Panel mesh installation on your property, there is a minimum level of effort and maintenance needed on your part. However, periodically you are required to inspect the netting to make sure that it is secure, intact, especially under severe weather conditions. In case of noticing any kind of damage/dislodging, contact our team for assessment straight away!

Get ready to protect the solar panels of your property from birds, pigeons, and pests!

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